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Cake Ideas and where to Browse on Wilton


I recently confirmed my subscription to the Wilton newsletter online. When it did that, there was a page that popped up that had links in it not only to take you to a page for cake ideas, but also cupcakes, cookies, candy, fondant, and Wilton classes. I thought I would share those links with you here just for a quicker way for you to find what you are looking for:

I hope these links will assist you in finding cake decorating ideas that you might be searching for – or any of the other topics included.


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Cake Ideas 101

Welcome to Cake Ideas 101 – a place where people who enjoy decorating cakes can come for cake decorating tips and hints and general cake ideas. Be sure to check out all the ‘tabs’ at the top of this page that show different aspects of this site that you might be interested in. The information on this site will assist you in  finding tips, ideas, and pictures for creating your masterpiece.   We hope you enjoy your visit here!

From Wedding Cakes

To Edible Image Cakes

To Cupcakes

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