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Personalized M&M’s Take the Cake!

Who doesn't love M&M's? Well….maybe moms with little kids on a hot summer day 🙂 . Did you know you can get personalized ones for any occasion? They currently come in 25 different colors to go with any theme or color scheme for your party whether it's for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, graduation, new business, retirement, sports events (like a Super Bowl party), and special holidays throughout the year. Now they even have Disney characters to go with party themes for children. What better way to create a buzz at your party with everyone admiring your totally unique M&M's with the message AND/OR picture of your choice printed on your color selection of these candies! 

Why not make your occasion one that people will remember for a long time? Remember, these candies can be placed in a serving dish to accompany any cake you do, but you can also place them on the cake to accent it. Cake decorating is not about just the cake, but what you do to draw attention to it – and these little candies are sure to accomplish that 😉 .

What's on special right now?

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Make Graduation Day sweeter with Personalized My M&M's Candies.

Select favorite colors, add personalized messages, and even upload a face to create special gifts or party favors.


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Cake Ideas – Groom Cakes

Groom cakes are a tradition that started in the South in the United States. According to a legend, there was a superstition that if a single woman who attended a wedding took home a slice of the groom's cake and slept with it under her pillow that night, she would dream of the man that she will marry while asleep and she'd know by morning who she would be spending the rest of her life with. Nowadays, the groom's cake serves a purpose of honoring the groom, where the traditional white tiered wedding cake honors the bride. Many times this cake is a different, smaller chocolate cake that can be shaped and styled to represent some part of the groom's personality, and for this reason, you have a huge allowance to be as creative as you want.

Grooms cakes can be a big hit at weddings, rehearsal dinners, or bachelor parties. They usually have a pretty manly theme. These are not pictures of cakes that I did personally, but ones I received in an email from someone I know that I thought were unique enough that they should be shared.

Regardless of whether or not the superstition holds any truth, it's pretty awesome for all the possibilities.


Groom Cake 1 XX Groom Cake 2 XX  XX Groom Cake 3Groom Cake 4 *****************