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The Kitchenaid Professional 600 Vs. Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer

One of the most well thought of mixers that you can buy today is the kitchenaid mixer. They are by far the most popular mixer on the market today for good reason. With a reasonable price point, and high standards for design and quality, the kitchenaid professional 600 stand mixer is the perfect choice for many people. The kitchenaid artisan mixer is also highly regarded as well.

There are a couple of differences between these two models which I will now discuss. First, the artisan mixer has a five quart steel bowl while the 600 series uses a six quart size bowl. Either of these will be okay for most people who use them because the size differential is not very noticeable.

The other main difference is that the size of the motors on the two mixers is quite different. The kitchenaid professional 600 stand mixer has a large 575 watt powerful motor. The kitchenaid artisan mixer however has a 325 watt motor. While it remains a very capable motor, a lot of people may prefer the extra power that the 600 series uses. Great sales can be found on both mixers, and the price difference can be small if a good sale price is discovered.

Either of these two exceptional models may be purchased in a large range of colors. Some of the colors available include silver, white, red, pink, black, blue, grey, green, and many others. With so many to choose from, there is always going to be one to fit your kitchen theme and style.

These mixers are built to last a lifetime. When mixing up foods, they do not move around at all because they have enough weight. Both motors have ten different speeds to choose from. When finished mixing, there is an easy tilt feature so that you can have easy access to the bowl. This can come in very handy at many times.

Furthermore, both the kitchenaid professional 600 and kitchenaid artisan mixer come with a one year warranty. If it happens to break, which I highly doubt on these sturdy mixers, the warranty will cover it. There are several mixing tools that come with these machines. There is a dough tool, a flat masher, and a wire whip. If this is your first time using an appliance like this, there are instructions on how to properly use each different tool. Each shape and style of tool provides a different type of action when mixing. When making dough for instance, compared to mashing potatoes, it can be very important to use the correct tool extension. When it comes to mixing the ingredients together, the two really have quite different requirements needed, which is why you get the various attachments. There really is not a bad decision when it comes to picking one of these two models, and you can be excited to get either one.

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They Many Great Advantages Of A Marble Rolling Pin

Whether you have been baking for many years, or are just starting out, having the proper tools for the job is of great importance. Baking is more of a science than other types of cooking due to the need for precision when measuring and weighing ingredients. You also have to deal with yeast and baking soda as a way to make bread rise. Truly great bakers are really artists of cooking. Because of the often complex aspects of baking, it is a must to use the best tools. You cannot expect great results by just throwing things together and hoping for the best.

One of the essential tools of any good baker is the marble rolling pin. There are many reasons that these types of rolling pins are great. First, they naturally do not stick as much to whatever you are trying to roll out. When making cookies and breads, this is always a key factor. Also, the natural marble stone is cooler than other pins. This helps stop the butter inside the dough from heating up and melting. There is also less chance of sticking for things that are cooler. If you happen to still have problems with sticking, then a light spray of non stick cooking oil with really help as well. If short on counter space, many times people use a butcher block kitchen cart for added work space. These can add functionality and charm to the kitchen space.

The next great thing about a marble rolling pin is that they are fairly heavy. This is fantastic because it will do most of the work for you when using it. You will need to use less strain and pressure to roll the dough. This is also a great bonus when it comes to things like crushing nuts, crackers, and cookies for pie crusts or other things. The extremely smooth surface of a marble rolling pin makes them a breeze to clean when finished using. They can be easily wiped clean and be ready for the next project.

Marble rolling pins are really quite beautiful in addition to everything else that makes them so useful. The stones have nice color and swirling patterns that is different for each pin. You might even desire to place them on top of the counter for display in your home. They also store well, and if you have a butcher block kitchen cart, that is also a good place to keep them. Since a marble rolling pin is more of a specialty item, it is often best to order them online. Many places even offer free shipping these days, so good deals can be found. A marble rolling pin is also a great and inexpensive gift for people around the holidays. These pins are great for a wide variety of tasks including many kinds of cookies and dough. No kitchen should be without one.

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