The birthday party supplies that you choose for your child’s party are going to make or break the occasion. There really is so much that goes into planning a successful party for a child! You don’t want to let the pressure of the whole thing take the fun out of it! Just start by picking a really fun theme that your child will love, and everything else begins to fall into place. Let’s go over some of the requirements necessary to make your party run smoothly:

• You need a super-yummy cake, and delicious snacks! Whatever character or theme your child is into at the moment can probably be painted on the cake, so just ask! When those kids see their favorite cartoon plastered on something they get to eat, they are going to flip! Plus, most grocery stores and specialty cake stores will gladly personalize any cake for your child. You can even get them their own little separate cupcake or mini-cake with their name on it! How cute is that?

• You need matching invitations. Try to find invitations that match the cake if you can, but if not just go for something bright that suggests that this party is going to be lots of fun! The other children whom you invite will get excited over the brightly colored invitations you send. You want your little guests to be just as excited about the party as your child is! It makes for a better atmosphere.
• Don’t forget about the balloons! Whether they are the classic variety or the shiny mylar ones, all kids (and adults for that matter) love balloons! There is just something about them, they make people happy! You can probably get balloons that match your theme, but if not it’s ok. Just as long as they are bright and cheerful! Also, the bigger the better!

• Get some fun decorations! You can get confetti, streamers, fun plates and cups, signs, table runners or anything you find with “Happy Birthday” on it! There are lots of birthday supplies out there to choose from, just keep your child’s personality in mind when you are deciding what to get. Don’t forget the candles!

• Every party needs favors! This includes hats, prizes for games and gift bags. Little kids love those gift bags. You can throw in things like stickers, pencils, rings, bracelets, erasers etc. Just make sure that everything you put in the bags is age appropriate, no choking hazards for the little ones that are 3 and under!

All parents want to make lasting memories on their child’s birthday. This is why it becomes such a big deal when it’s time to plan the party. You want everyone who shows up to have an unforgettable, fun and happy day. That’s a lot of pressure for a parent! This is why choosing the right birthday party supplies ends up being so vital. If you make the right decisions in this department, it will set a positive mood for the whole day!