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Cake Ideas From Online Decorating Classes Through Craftsy

Cake ideas sometimes have to be learned from professionals if you don't have friends or family that can show you how to get started or how to improve on your skills. At Craftsy, they currently offer 55 different classes on cake decorating, with some being very specific techniques. They also offer some of these classes at a discount when they are having a sale. You can get access to them over and over while learning the techniques and do it when it's convenient for you. Craftsy classes give you hours of professionally designed video content to watch whenever you have time. When you arrive at the Craftsy site, just click on 'Cake Decorating' and it will open up a lot of choices to select from on the left hand side. There is even a link for 'Free Mini-Classes' listed at the very bottom of the choices :)


Online Cake Decorating Class

I am compensated for reviewing or endorsing Craftsy on this website if you buy a course or a product, or if you Join Craftsy’s Affiliate Program so that you can earn your own compensation from them by sharing what Craftsy has to offer.


Here is just one example of a special offer that can be selected:

The Wilton Method® classes presented by Craftsy are your complete guide to cake decorating fundamentals and beyond.

Get the Entire Wilton Method® series with Beth Somers

This set of 4 classes includes: Buttercream Skills, Baking Basics, Piped Flowers, and Decorating with Fondant.


Don't put off what you've been looking for! Get specific with what you would like to learn about cake decorating in particular with Craftsy's 55 different classes on that subject to choose from. And remember….. you can learn at your own speed and as many times as you want because of the online video method they are presented in.

Oh, and if you have other crafts that you like to do when you are not baking and decorating cakes, they have classes for that too!!!!!


Online Cake Decorating Class

Traditional Cake OR a Candy Buffet for Your Special Events?

Cake ideas have always been at the forefront of planning events. But now, candy buffets have been proven to be one of the top features people remember from a wedding reception or bridal shower. Gorgeous displays of colorful bulk candy are popular at weddings and events because they provide a wow factor like no other party decor can. Color coordination to match the colors of the party is popular, as is loading up on all colors and having a candyland buffet table. Either way guests will be awe-inspired.

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Candy buffet tables have grown in popularity over the past decade as candy makers have found new and innovative ways to create candy in individual colors. Now, color coordinated candy display stations are a hit at many wedding receptions, bridal showers, baby showers and all kinds of events. With great colors like blue, pink, green and purple, you can match your party theme colors with a great assortment of different types of candy all in the same color.

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When putting together a candy buffet, it's usually best to have extra candy on hand. If they candy level gets low, you will want to top it off. Also, most people over-estimate how much candy they are buying. Give yourself some breathing room by purchasing a little bit more than you think you will need. The last thing you need when planning an event is to start setting up and realize you are short on your key decorative feature. The most important thing about a candy buffet table is to make your own and have a blast. And remember, your colorful candy buffet can be be used on its own, or incorporated as part of your traditional cake ideas.