Most people are fond of going to parties. Some parties are boring, others are interesting and make everyone want to stay. If you want to be the kind of person who organizes unforgettable parties that people like attending, you should follow special party planning guide.

Plan the party in advance. Sit down and write what you require for the party. Is it going to be an outdoor party, as well as indoor party, or a theme party? Map out how many people you are hoping to invite and food you plan to serve. You need to be very particular about the food. Make sure you are aware of the guests’ likes and dislikes such as those who are vegetarians or those who are allergic to certain food, etc.

If you are expert enough to prepare your own food, that will be fine. Remember however that a bunch has to go in to the preparation of the main meal, desserts, appetizers, nibbles etc. If you cannot do all that through yourself, the best option is to employ an experienced caterer. Book them well in advance and arrange to discuss with them about the food and drink you hope to have catered including special food that has to be prepared. Ask them for a quote and request a sampling of the food to make sure it is what you want.

If your party is not going to be at home or outside, then obviously you need to reserve the venue. Make sure that you do this also in advance especially if the date happens to be during the weekend or holiday. Remember also that the dates correspond with that of the caterers. Talk with the management on what they can provide you as extras. Make sure they have enough space for the food tables, chairs, as well as if necessary, space for dancing.

Send out the all invitations well in advance so that no one complains they did not have sufficient time to keep the date free. If you are creative, you can do the invites yourself, making them colorful and innovative. If not, there’s more than enough of templates on-line which can be downloaded and used for free.

Don’t forget the decorations that will help the venue look festive and cheerful. If you already have party decorations, you can make use of them. If not, you can buy some lovely decor from party stores, on-line, or second hand shops if you must save money. Use color wherever possible and lots of plants, flowers or balloons to make the place look bright.

Now that you have followed every process of the party planning guide, keep up to date through checking with the various people concerned regarding catering, decorating etc. to make sure that everything is going according to plan. On the day of the party itself, you will be able to relax and enjoy your party.

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