The anticipation of a new baby is a perfect chance for friends and relatives to get together, talk about their own babies and have good time. There is a great number of baby shower ideas and your task is to choose the one that the mom-to-be will like.

The easiest way to celebrate a baby shower is through settling on a particular theme, which makes it so much easier to decorate and get everyone else to help too. You do not always need to stick to tried and tested themes; go the extra mile and give a tired old theme a new twist. Decide on something bolder or even a little shocking to get everyone talking about it. The best way to do this would be to ask all concerned to make suggestions of their own. You can then select the best of the lot or make a combination of ideas and come up with a different theme that no one has ever thought of before.

One of the baby shower ideas would be to settle on something the future mother would like. Is she into old movies? If so, you can make a movie set with pictures and posters of famous stars of yesteryear. Have music from film themes and decorate with unraveled film and through using lots of glitz and lights. Your party planning ideas have no limits here.

If she likes antiques, you can get some lovely vintage nightwear and maternity wear for the mom along with cute vintage baby clothes and toys. You could perhaps get the help of grandparents to get and contribute some heirlooms like candle stands and photographs from the past. Decorations could include old lace, ribbons and pretty flowers in antique vases to give the room a “scene from the past” look.

Maybe the new mom likes anything organic in which case you could have a selection of organic soaps, herbs and lotions arranged prettily on little tables. You could support her with food bought from shops that sell only organic products to make her really happy.

The guests can bring gifts that match the theme or other useful ideas for the baby camouflaged to reflect the theme of the party. What is most important is that you make the mom-to-be feel happy and supported through getting together things that she can use when the baby is born. No matter what the theme is, she will definitely appreciate scented soaps, as well as candles, soothing balms and lotions for baby. Anything to make life easier for her once the baby is born will always be a blessing.

Whatever baby shower ideas you have, with a little extra effort and creativity, you can let your imagination invent an event to remember. Let this be a special time for sharing and reminiscing.

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