Child’s party invitations should be sent well in advance for parents to be able to make arrangements to bring their children to the party in time.

Forget about old boring invitations. Kid’s party invitations are to be creative and attractive. Using your imagination and all creative thoughts that come in to your mind in the process of thinking, you can have really amazing invitations sent out.

If the party is based on a theme, you should of course make use of it to prepare the invitations as well. If the party is based on a jungle theme, you can use the bark of a tree to make some pretty unusual searching invitations with the specifics carved or painted on the wood. If it is Halloween, you can make your invitations in the shape of a pumpkin or lantern with inserts of glass paper under which the you can write the venue and other information about the party.

One more creative way of sending out an party invitation is by putting your invitation in a pretty glass bottle. This bottle can be bought either from the Internet or from a craft shop or you can start saving your own supply of suitable bottle for future use. Print your invitations on the colored paper, then roll it up and tie it with a ribbon after that you simply put it into the bottle and hand deliver to the invitee.

A simple but lovely idea is to give invitations that are wrapped in chocolate bars. Children are fond of such invitations. You will easily make such invitations with the help of colored paper, paint or crayons. Take out the original wrapping of the bar of chocolate, cut your own paper on the same dimensions, write up the specifics of the invitation and wrap it round the bar keeping the foil in place. Paste the two ends together. A chocolate lover will be thrilled to get such a memorable invitation.

There are so lots of ideas out there waiting to be put into use. If the child is old enough to understand, you can ask him to come up with a novel idea which is one way of getting him involved. You can also visit the various Internet sites allocated to party ideas and get some extreme ideas to make your birthday party invitations.

Even if your child is not old enough to do that, you can still get him to help through asking him to sign his own name at the bottom of the invitation. He will be very proud and thrilled to be a segment of his own birthday party and this will also give him the incentive to go on to do better things as he is growing up.

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