Great cake ideas can produce great results. Sometimes we invent those ideas in a 2-D effect rather than in 3-D. Basically it's like drawing a picture on a cake. That is where the edible image frosting sheets are so wonderful. Cake ideas have changed over the last few years with the introduction of these edible image frosting sheets. To think you can make decorated cakes with a thin sheet of frosting that has been run through a printer after generating the image on a computer is awesome! After decorating cakes the traditional, time-consuming way, we were ready to make the transition with eagerness. We researched the possibilities and found all we needed to get started was the necessary printer that would accomodate the frosting sheets. It had to be a new printer of a certain brand and model that had never had regular ink run through it. Then all we had to purchase was the food coloring ink cartridges and the edible image frosting sheets. It was not a bad investment at all for what we could now produce with much less time and effort.

Our 25th Anniversary Cake

This is a sample of what can be done with edible image cakes. This particular one was made for mine and my husband's 25th wedding anniversary. The program allows you to put your own photos on the edible frosting sheet that is designed on the computer and printed off. We will be posting other pictures regularly so you can see the possibilities with this way of decorating. We do know that with the edible image frosting sheets and all the possibilities, you can set to flow freely your cake ideas.

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