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Cake Ideas – Old McDonald Farm Animal Cupcakes

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Cake Ideas can sometimes come from songs such as “Old McDonald Had a Farm, E-I-E-I-O”. This picture came across my Facebook newsfeed and I thought it was so clever that I wanted to share it. Just make your favorite flavor of cupcakes and animal-appropriate colored icing and then decorate with pieces of candy and marshmallows. So simple and so cute…. what little kid wouldn’t enjoy serving these as a treat to their classmates for a birthday party? And what farmer or farmer’s wife wouldn’t enjoy sharing these with family and friends to celebrate their special day? What a great cake idea!!

Cake Ideas From Online Decorating Classes Through Craftsy

Cake ideas sometimes have to be learned from professionals if you don't have friends or family that can show you how to get started or how to improve on your skills. At Craftsy, they currently offer 55 different classes on cake decorating, with some being very specific techniques. They also offer some of these classes at a discount when they are having a sale. You can get access to them over and over while learning the techniques and do it when it's convenient for you. Craftsy classes give you hours of professionally designed video content to watch whenever you have time. When you arrive at the Craftsy site, just click on 'Cake Decorating' and it will open up a lot of choices to select from on the left hand side. There is even a link for 'Free Mini-Classes' listed at the very bottom of the choices :)


Online Cake Decorating Class

I am compensated for reviewing or endorsing Craftsy on this website if you buy a course or a product, or if you Join Craftsy’s Affiliate Program so that you can earn your own compensation from them by sharing what Craftsy has to offer.


Here is just one example of a special offer that can be selected:

The Wilton Method® classes presented by Craftsy are your complete guide to cake decorating fundamentals and beyond.

Get the Entire Wilton Method® series with Beth Somers

This set of 4 classes includes: Buttercream Skills, Baking Basics, Piped Flowers, and Decorating with Fondant.


Don't put off what you've been looking for! Get specific with what you would like to learn about cake decorating in particular with Craftsy's 55 different classes on that subject to choose from. And remember….. you can learn at your own speed and as many times as you want because of the online video method they are presented in.

Oh, and if you have other crafts that you like to do when you are not baking and decorating cakes, they have classes for that too!!!!!


Online Cake Decorating Class

Traditional Cake OR a Candy Buffet for Your Special Events?

Cake ideas have always been at the forefront of planning events. But now, candy buffets have been proven to be one of the top features people remember from a wedding reception or bridal shower. Gorgeous displays of colorful bulk candy are popular at weddings and events because they provide a wow factor like no other party decor can. Color coordination to match the colors of the party is popular, as is loading up on all colors and having a candyland buffet table. Either way guests will be awe-inspired.

We Have the Candy Colors to Match Your Wedding Colors! $9.95 Shipping and Handling or Less – Orders Ship Fast – SAVE BIG, SHOP NOW at ACandyStore!

Candy buffet tables have grown in popularity over the past decade as candy makers have found new and innovative ways to create candy in individual colors. Now, color coordinated candy display stations are a hit at many wedding receptions, bridal showers, baby showers and all kinds of events. With great colors like blue, pink, green and purple, you can match your party theme colors with a great assortment of different types of candy all in the same color.

Candy by Color! $9.95 Shipping and Handling or Less – Orders Ship Fast – SHOP NOW at ACandyStore!

When putting together a candy buffet, it's usually best to have extra candy on hand. If they candy level gets low, you will want to top it off. Also, most people over-estimate how much candy they are buying. Give yourself some breathing room by purchasing a little bit more than you think you will need. The last thing you need when planning an event is to start setting up and realize you are short on your key decorative feature. The most important thing about a candy buffet table is to make your own and have a blast. And remember, your colorful candy buffet can be be used on its own, or incorporated as part of your traditional cake ideas.


Cake Ideas – Finding Quality Supplies For Cake Decorating

A lot of people enjoy baking cakes and then decorating them, and to do this well you will need some good cake decorating supplies. You can find out the right way to do this here.

An exciting activity that you can engage yourself in during your free time, as a hobby, or as a business is making cakes. When you make a cake, you get to decorate it in whichever manner you like. However, in order to do a good job of decorating your cake, you will have to use the right supplies as well as equipment. Examples of the supplies that are used for the purpose of cake decoration include the cake and icing ingredients and devices with which you can actually make different kinds of shapes on cakes. These can be very expensive if you don't know where to shop. In order to find good cake decorating supplies, you have to keep some vital things in mind.

An excellent way by which you can find cake decoration supplies is by first deciding what sort of cake that you want to make. Make a list of what you will need as far as ingredients, pans, and decorations. It's a good idea to also make a list of supplies both online and offline. However if it is your desire to open a baking establishment of your own, then you will need to procure the best supplies for cake decorating in the market. By doing so, you will be able to draw the attention of your customers to the cakes that you make.

Another fantastic tip which you can consider if you want to know how to look for bulk baking supplies is to search for such supplies on the internet and get them at cheaper rates. The online stores are filled with numerous kinds of the bulk baking supplies. This is because some of the baking supplies which are sold online are often used items. You need to ensure that you can use these items over the long term even if you can get them at discounted rates. One place this type of service is available is through ebay. Be sure to check out the ebay widget on the right side of this website that will take you directly to cake decorating items from this page. You can also find many bargains at Amazon by clicking here or by clicking the 'Store' tab above and then selecting a category you are interested in shopping for.

A good way by which you can come across supplies for baking is by working with professional cake decorators. Such people will be likely to have easy access to the supplies for baking as they deal in large volumes. The professional cake decorators can also provide you with very useful advice as to what sort of decorations you should opt for when making a cake. To do this however, you must search properly on the internet and only purchase your cake decoration supplies from the suppliers who deal with the professional bakeries. You can buy your supplies from those who provide tools to the professional bakeries in bulk.

Hopefully these are some various useful tips which you can keep in mind in order to be able to find supplies for cake decorating quickly and at cheaper prices.


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Cake Ideas – Hobby Lobby 40% off any One Item

Cake Ideas can require the purchase of new items occasionally. Well, you have till April 1, 2017 to use the ‘40% off any one item of regular price’ coupon found by CLICKING HERE or on the coupon below.  So go there and print off the coupon and run to your local Hobby Lobby and grab up some cake decorating item you have been wanting. Great for purchase of a Wilton product. Hurry! Only a few days to use it.


If the coupon you are viewing has expired, what was offered for the weekly coupon was nothing in relation to cake decorating (i.e. stained glass, woodworking, etc.).

When the next coupon is available that will benefit purchases towards cake decorating items, it will be posted.



Sample of the Hobby Lobby Coupon

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Cake Ideas – Tips for Great Cakes

Cake ideas become sought after when you become tired of baking cakes that don't quite come out right. Do you have heavy consistencies, cracked tops, sticky tops, crumbs in your frosting? These problems are all too common, but entirely preventable. Follow these five easy tips which can help you bake cakes you'll be proud to serve, every time.

1. If you want to be sure your cake will be very moist, you can substitute half the oil in the recipe with unsweetened applesauce or plain yogurt. This not only makes cakes more moist, but cuts the fat and calories in the recipe back a bit, too. When you're making a dense cake, like a fruit cake or a pound cake, place a pan filled with water on the bottom rack of the oven during baking. Add more water to the pan as needed. When making a chocolate cake, combine the baking soda with a teaspoon of vinegar before you add it to the batter.

2. If cracking or consistency are a problem, try these suggestions. Adding an envelope of unflavored gelatin to the cake batter will help keep the top of the cake from splitting. For the lightest, fluffiest cake, cream a teaspoon of lemon juice into the butter and sugar before mixing in the rest of the ingredients. When creaming the butter, be thorough about it. Run the mixer for at least five minutes before adding the sugarFree Articles, and then cream them together for a few minutes more.

3. To reduce the chance that your cake will come out with a sort of rounded hump on the top, make sure you fill the cake pan no more than two thirds full. After the batter is in the pan, gently rotate the pan sideways very slightly on all sides, so that the batter reaches up along each side. The middle and edges will meet during baking and rise more evenly. If the cake rose high and humped in the middle, no need to panic. Simply slice a bit off across the top before removing the cake from the pan, using the sides of the pan as a level guide for your knife. It helps to use a long, sharp knife.

4. If your cake sticks to the pan when you try to remove it, place a thick towel in the sink and pour a kettle of boiling hot water over the towel to heat it. Set the cake pan on the hot towel and leave it for a minute or two, and then try to remove the cake ? it should disengage from the pan in a snap. Alternatively, you can turn the cake pan over on a sheet of wax paper or a cooling rack, and place a cotton towel on top of the cake pan. Use a hot steam iron to heat the bottom of the pan for a few minutes before trying to remove it from the cake. It should lift away cleanly. Before you try to remove the cake from the pan, carefully run a knife between the outside of the cake and the inside of the pan. This will help loosen the cake.

5. Lots of things can go wrong when frosting a cake, but if you follow these tips, your cakes will be frosted beautifully, every time. Never try to ice a cake until it's completely cool. Before you begin, brush the cake lightly with a pastry brush to remove any excess crumbs. Instead of trying to ice the cake all at once, start by coating it with a thin layer of frosting, then placing it in the refrigerator for an hour. When you get it out to complete the frosting, you'll notice that crumbs are fully contained. If your icing is a bit too thin, use a pastry brush to dust the top of the cake very lightly with flour before frosting to help the icing hold onto the cake.

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Cake Ideas – “Cake Mix + Diet Soda” Recipe

Note: This recipe is to be credited to a post on 'Pintrest". If you would like to get more recipes that people are sharing, click the red "Pinterest" button on the right column, go to my page, and then ask me for an invitation, as that is the way you can join. It's fun and I've found some great cake and cookie recipes (among lots of other things – LOL)!!!

Soda Cake Recipe

All you need to make a soda cake is a box of your favorite cake mix and a 12oz. can of any flavored diet soda! :-D (If you don’t have any cans, just measure out 12oz.)  This is one of the EASIEST cake recipes I know of!  And although it’s hard to call cake or soda “healthy”, it’s definitely a better option than the full eggs & oil recipe!

Soda Cake


  1. Pour cake mix into large mixing bowl.
  2. Dump 12oz. can of diet soda in with cake mix.
  3. *Optional: Add 1-2 egg whites ( for a little extra “fluff”)
  4. Mix together with an electric mixer.
  5. Bake according to directions on the box!


Possible cake mix and soda combinations:

angel or yellow cake + diet orange soda

banana cake mix + diet root beer

cherry chip cake + A& W diet Cream soda

chocolate cake or devils food + diet pepsi

chocolate cake + diet vanilla coke

chocolate cake + diet root beer

devils food + diet wild cherry pepsi

french vanilla cake + diet orange soda

lemon cake mix + diet 7-up

lemon cake + diet ginger ale

lemon + diet lemon-lime soda

marble cake + diet cream soda

red velvet + diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper

spice cake + diet lemon-lime

spice cake + diet orange

white cake + diet ginger ale

white cake + diet orange

white cake + diet sprite

yellow cake + diet orange

There is definitely no way around the fact that this frosting is NOT healthy…but it’s out of this world! :)

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

– 1/2 cup butter, softened

– 3 cups confectioners sugar

– 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

– 2 to 3 tbsp milk

Cream together butter and sugar.  Add vanilla and 1 tbsp. milk.  Continue to add milk until desired consistency is achieved. (I ended up using almost 3 tbsp).

 Enjoy!!! The possibilities are ENDLESS!


Cake Ideas – Father’s Day Cakes

Cake Ideas can be used for all holidays – including Father's Day. What is one gift we often associate with that event? Yes, you guessed it, neckties! I was presented with a link showing pictures of necktie cakes. They are awesome! Here is a sample of a necktie cake, and below that I am giving the link so you can go check more of these cakes out for yourself.

Visit this link for more:

So even if your father doesn't like to wear a 'real' necktie, one of these cakes is sure to be a big hit!


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Personalized M&M’s Take the Cake!

Who doesn't love M&M's? Well….maybe moms with little kids on a hot summer day 🙂 . Did you know you can get personalized ones for any occasion? They currently come in 25 different colors to go with any theme or color scheme for your party whether it's for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, graduation, new business, retirement, sports events (like a Super Bowl party), and special holidays throughout the year. Now they even have Disney characters to go with party themes for children. What better way to create a buzz at your party with everyone admiring your totally unique M&M's with the message AND/OR picture of your choice printed on your color selection of these candies! 

Why not make your occasion one that people will remember for a long time? Remember, these candies can be placed in a serving dish to accompany any cake you do, but you can also place them on the cake to accent it. Cake decorating is not about just the cake, but what you do to draw attention to it – and these little candies are sure to accomplish that 😉 .

What's on special right now?

XXX Affiliate / 12% Off Graduation 

Make Graduation Day sweeter with Personalized My M&M's Candies.

Select favorite colors, add personalized messages, and even upload a face to create special gifts or party favors.


Start:  5/6/2010  ~  End: 5/31/2010


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Cake Ideas and where to Browse on Wilton


I recently confirmed my subscription to the Wilton newsletter online. When it did that, there was a page that popped up that had links in it not only to take you to a page for cake ideas, but also cupcakes, cookies, candy, fondant, and Wilton classes. I thought I would share those links with you here just for a quicker way for you to find what you are looking for:

I hope these links will assist you in finding cake decorating ideas that you might be searching for – or any of the other topics included.


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