Cake Ideas can be gotten from e-bay. We put this search tool on here as a service to our customers so they can see what is available for decorating cakes. We do not receive any commission for this service from eBay or the sellers. You don't even have to go to ebay to access it from here.  A description of the item with price and time left will be shown under the thumbnail pictures as you move the mouse over it. The upper right corner shows how many pages of items there are, and you can click on the page number or the arrow to advance to the next page. Just hold the cursor over one of the pictures of the items and it will enlarge. Click on the item picture and it will bring up all the details for that item. Then click on the green 'View & Bid' button and it will take you right to that item on ebay where you can bid on it and see more details. You can even use the 'search' box at the bottom to find something more specific or of interest to you. We hope you like this service we decided to offer to our customers. Feel free to post a comment below on how you feel about this search tool.



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