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Deciding On A Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter for Cake Decorating Purposes

The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter is the future of crafting today. They are cutting devices which save you time and effort whilst greatly enhancing your crafting projects. If you don't know anything about them, then keep reading to find out how these amazing machines can revolutionize your crafting. If you have heard of them, you may be wondering how to decide which of the cutting machines is most suitable for you. The purpose of writing this is to aid you in deciding which Cricut machine is best for you. You'll see how the machines compare against each other in the areas most important to the decision making process. With the cutter range automatically cuts from a range of different materials, from paper and card to edible gum paste. This opens up a wide range of applications for the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter from paper crafting and scrapbooking to intricate cake decoration.

The 4 cutters we'll be comparing here are the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter, the Cricut Expression, the Cricut Cake and the Cricut Create.

We'll begin with Cricut Cake, as it's the odd one out in the range. It is different to the others, because it is designed with one purpose in mind. Whereas the other models are for paper crafts and similar, this model is solely for decorating cakes. It can cut shapes from dough, fondant, gum paste and other edible materials. It is very similar to the Cricut Expression machine, except that the working parts have been altered to make them suitable for processing food. That means parts that need to be cleaned can be easily removed. For making shapes and designs you can eat – this is the only one you can go for. This model retails from around $270.

With the Cake out of the way, the discussion now turns to the other Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter crafting models. Suitable substances you can use in all cutters are vinyl, paper, vellum and cardboard. You will need to decide on a cutter by considering your budget and any particular cutting needs you may have.


1. Working from low to high, you can get the standard Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter new for as little as $100.
2. Next up is the Cricut Create, coming in at $160 and upwards.
3. The most expensive machine is Cricut Expression, retailing at around $220.


All models are compatible with the full range of Cricut Cartridges. As such, with any of the machines, your choice of design is only limited by the cartridges you've bought. I've boiled down the final choosing process to two key variables. Most important of these is the size of the machine and its cutting size capabilities, and second is the set of options and functions you can use to cut.

– If portability is what you're after, your choice is between the Cricut Create and the basic Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter. Output designs for each machine can be anywhere up to 11 1/2 " across. If you want a bigger set of cutting options, Cricut Create is the one to go for.

– If you're not interested in moving it around and want a little more from your cutter, Cricut Expression is probably the best fit. You can create shapes and fonts in the range of 23-1/2 " across, with a number of different cutting modes available.

Now you know what to think about, it should be a simple process to select the correct Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter.

You should be informed in choosing the correct Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter for your budget. We advise that you research into the whole product range – a favorite is the Cricut Create but that may not be the same for you, so you know how to use them before you buy one.

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Cake Ideas – Mother’s Day Cakes

Cake ideas turn to the feminine side for Mother's Day, which is the second Sunday in May. Many people try to have a family get-together on that day to honor mothers. Often times they treat her to a meal out so she doesn't have to cook. And then in the afternoon they continue the celebration with refreshments of some kind. What a perfect time to have a decorated cake on hand – made just for her! So what are some cake ideas for Mother's Day? Well, first of all, it would be a good idea to find out ahead of time (not the day before if you plan to surprise her) what her favorite cake flavor and colors are. This way you will have something made especially to her liking. Decorations of flowers, ribbons, or bows can be applied to the cake for that feminine look for the cake. With an edible cake image, many pictures can be chosen from to put on the cake. Some ideas for that could be a picture of her when she was young (before children) like her high school graduation, a comparison of her in younger years and a current photo side-by-side, a family picture with her children, her with her favorite pet, or something in reference to her favorite hobby or interest. Below are a couple of cake ideas that can be used for Mother's Day. These photos are in reference to a birthday, but it can still give cake decorating ideas as to what can be used for your masterpiece for this yearly occasion.

Old Graduation Picinterest in cats

So with the approach of Mother's Day, get the facts and materials you will need to make that special cake: favorite cake flavor, favorite color(s) for decorations, and favorite photo if using edible cake images. Remember, your mother loves you so much and this cake will be a little token of how much you love her. 🙂

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Cake Ideas – Easter Cakes

Cake ideas start "hopping" when it's Easter. What are some cake decorating ideas for that special holiday? Easter is known for its soft pastel and spring colors. So what about the cake itself? Good choices are white, pink (strawberry or cherry chip), yellow, rainbow chip, or a white mix with food coloring added to make a noteworthy appeal – like baby blue or mint green. There are several pans out there: bunny, egg, cross, or lamb. These all make very nice looking cakes, but can require some time to get them done for sure, as you can see from the pictures below.

bunny cakeEaster egg cake

cross cakelamb cake

We had an order for an Easter cake and since it was our 27th wedding anniversary on the day I needed to make it, I didn't have too much time to put in to it. This is where the edible image cake came in very handy! Bake the cake, put some frosting on, smooth it, apply the edible cake image, put trim around the top and bottom edge, and presto – an Easter cake that will thrill any little kid!


Easter bunny cake

Of course the cake can always be trimmed out with Easter candy or decorations of some sort to just put on that little finishing touch. Just let those cake ideas hop!

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Cake Ideas – New Years Cakes


Cake ideas for the new year can maybe be a little harder to come up with. If you have a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day party, you could make a decorated cake to bring in the new year that depicts an hour glass or a clock. With edible image frosting sheets, it's less difficult to go online and find a picture of "Father Time" or a party hat, horn, and confetti to put on a cake to create your masterpiece. If all else fails, one cake idea is that you can at least make an eggnog cake 😉 ! Here is a recipe to accomodate that:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eggnog Cream Cake

1 box French vanilla cake mix 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon rum extract (optional) ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg (divided) 1½ cups prepared eggnog 1 package (6 serving size) vanilla pudding and pie filling (NOT instant) 1 container (8oz.) frozen whipped topping, thawed Prepare cake mix according to package directions, adding extracts and ¼ teaspoon of the nutmeg to batter. Bake in 9 x 13 pan according to package directions. Cool completely in pan. In small saucepan over medium heat, cook eggnog, pudding mix, and remaining ¼ teaspoon nutmeg – stirring constantly until thickened, about 5 minutes. Cool slightly; place plastic wrap directly on pudding to prevent skin from forming.

Refrigerate to cool completely. Gently fold in whipped topping in 2 additions. Spread pudding mixture over the top of the cake. Cut into squares. Store in refrigerator.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since this cake is actually served in the pan, you could lay a couple of party horns close to the cake and sprinkle some 'incoming year' confetti on the table around the cake. Also have some glasses of punch or eggnog to serve with the cake. To get some ideas of what you can use for this type of party, just visit 'Celebrate Express' and 'The Party Works' banners on the right side of this page. They can accomodate all your party needs year-round, including that New Year's event.

Decorating cakes for different holidays can be challenging, but also very fun and exciting. Just let your imagination flow and you will come up with some New Year's cake ideas.


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Cake Ideas – Our Store For Decorating Cakes


Cake Ideas can begin in several ways. Sometimes we get our ideas from pictures we see in books, sometimes from cake pans we see and start to visualize different ways we can use them, or maybe we see some sprinkles or confetti that sparks that idea. In order to assist our visitors, we have set up a store with Amazon that features cake pans of all sizes and shapes, cake decorating books of all kinds from beginner to expert (there's even one of 'Cake Decorating For Dummies' 😉 !), decorating supplies from bags and tips to toppers and candles, and baking ingredients that include sprinkles, flavorings and tube icings. There are way too many things to list them all here, including many Wilton products . We have tried to include many items that decorating cakes requires, plus some things you may not have known was even available! So come on over to visit by clicking on the blue banner above that says 'Visit CakeIdeas101.com Amazon Store' and see what we have made available for you all in one shopping place. You will be directed away from this site, but there are a couple of places on the Amazon site then where you can return to us by clicking on 'Cake Ideas 101' and it will take you back here to the home page. If there are items you would like to see us carry, please contact us and we will see about getting it added to our store. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience in our Amazon Cake Ideas 101 Store, and that you find many of the items for decorating cakes that you are looking for at a very reasonable Amazon price.

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Cake Ideas – How Many Will The Cake Serve?

Cake Ideas many times revolve around how many people a cake will serve. Of course the biggest determiner to that question is how big the pieces are cut 🙂 . Generally, a cake mix box is going to say that a mix will make 12 servings. Those are pretty hefty portions if you are looking at it in a 9 x 13 pan. That means you would slice the cake in six rows the width of the cake and then cut it down the middle, making 12 pieces. We usually slice it in the six rows but cut it twice the other way for 3 rows to make 18 pieces, and these are still plenty big. It can just as easily be cut in 4 rows to produce 24 pieces. If you are serving other things like ice cream or nuts and mints, this is a nice-sized piece. Cake is usually served as a refreshment and not as a meal anyway 🙂 . Cakes done in the sheet pan (or cookie pan) that is about 11 x 17 can easily be cut to serve 28 people, and that is with just one cake mix. This is 4 rows of 7 pieces, as illustrated in the first picture below. The second picture shows individual pieces marked for a 12 x 18 cake that will serve 50 people. It uses 2 cake mixes.


Round, heart, and other miscellaneous shaped cakes are a little harder to figure for how many they will serve. It's best to keep in mind how thick the pieces will be. As in the two above pictures, the one is in the cake pan and is only about 1/2" to 3/4" thick. The second one is from a 2" deep pan. So even though the pieces in the second one are smaller in surface area, they are also at least twice at thick as the one in the pan. If the decorated cake is a layer cake, you have even more height so the pieces can be cut narrower for the same amount of serving size. As you can see, decorating cakes for that special occasion can be a little tricky in the planning when it comes to figuring how many it will serve. The shape of the pan and the height of the cake can account for several variables. But just as a basic guide, a good rule of thumb is to figure one mix will make anywhere from 18 to 24 pieces to serve the guests. Of course, the biggest thing to figure in would be the person cutting the cake. If they like hefty pieces on the plate, you may just come up short in the end. Guest will then either be receiving a 'sliver' of cake in order to make it stretch, or they will get not at all 🙁 . If unsure there will be enough to go around, take a stash of homemade chocolate chip cookies to serve to the end of the line if you do run out, and I'm sure they will be just as happy 🙂 .

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Cake Ideas – The Finishing Touches

Cake ideas come to life when the finishing touches are put on the cake. Decorating cakes is fun, but what is done to "polish" it with the last little details is what leaves that lasting impression. Once the cake is frosted and decorated with the borders and design on top, little things can be done to make it noticeable – not just a cake on the table. Here are some ideas that can make your decorated cakes look remarkable.

  • Put artificial flowers (or real ones if available) in one or two of the opposite corners of the cake. This will give it a definate 3-D effect. Artificial flowers come in so many colors and kinds that you can let your imagination run wild. Mix and match the kinds and colors to come up with contrasting or complimentary colors to the rest of the cake theme and design. Whether using fake or real flowers, just cut the stem about 1 1/2" long and poke down in the cake in whatever position or angle you desire.

  • Use spray food coloring to add a little color without having to use colored frosting. If there is a certain place you do not want any overspray, cover it up with a sheet of paper while spraying. Start with a light mist and then go over it till you have the shade you want.

  • Sprinkles are a great way to add color to the cake, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and themes, so let your imagination run with that one.
  • Confetti can be used to decorate cakes because there are not only designs available, but also words. People will a lot of times sprinkle confetti on tables for decorations at a party, but it can also be used on the cakes. Just make sure you tell the people when you serve the cake that they will need to pick the confetti off 🙂 . The main timesweI use confetti is around the frosting sheet on a 12×18 or 11×17 cake where you end up with a wide border, that needs something to fill it in. The other time is on sheet cakes on the individual pieces. Below are pictures as an example of both instances, and the first one actually shows how a black and white photo looks when used for the frosting sheet.

  • Small toys and decorations can be placed on the cake that go with the theme. For example, we are from a rural community and a cute idea for a little farm boy is to put a miniature tractor or toy cows or horses on the cake. And what little girl wouldn't like a little princess doll on hers?

These have just been some examples of cakes we have produced for customers. The finishing touches are what gives the cake a personality and character.  Just use your imagination and come up with your own cake ideas. 

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Cake Ideas – Edible Image Frosting Sheet Tips


Cake ideas generated onto edible image frosting sheets can create decorated cakes that will never be forgotten. We have been using this style of decorating cakes for several years now and have come up with some tips we would like to share with others who either currently use them or are thinking about investing in them in the future.

  • There are a couple of different edible image frosting sheets we found, but we decided to go with ones that are on a slick backing that is released from the frosting sheet itself when you are ready to apply it to the cake. The other type is the actual sheet itself that is run through the printer. We were just personally uncomfortable with using this second type.
  • Before printing off the frosting sheet, run a sheet of copy paper through the cake decorating printer to test the printing to make sure there are not any missing dots or lines, or there will be lines on the printed design. Do a cleaning if necessary.
  • If the frosting sheet had dried out some to where the corner pops loose from the backing, lightly mist it with some water so it will adhere back to the sheet, and then let dry before putting through the printer.
  • Use a spray bottle to lightly mist the top of the cake where the design is to be applied. If the icing has slightly crusted, this will allow the edible image sheet to adhere to the cake.
  • Right before applying the sheet to the cake, stick it in the freezer for about ten seconds. This takes any moisture out of the sheet to help release it from the backing.
  • If you are having trouble yet getting it to release, get a corner started with a fine paring knife with a flexible blade. You can then use your angled blade spatula to slowly and carefully slide between the sheet and the backing to release it. Normally it will just come right off, but we all like to be contrary once in a while 😉
  • When placing the sheet on the cake, try holding it directly above where you want it to be positioned because it is going to stick right where you put it, especially if you have spray misted the top of the cake.
  • Use a star or shell design to go around the edges of the frosting sheet just to make sure they are sealed down and give the finished look to your decorated cake. Depending on the cake, we generally use white frosting for this or choose a color that is in the design itself to accentuate it, even if it's a minimal color you want to bring out.

Whether decorating cakes with traditional methods or with the new wave, we hope your choice or transition will be helped with these cake ideas.

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Cake Ideas – Edible Image Decorations

Great cake ideas can produce great results. Sometimes we invent those ideas in a 2-D effect rather than in 3-D. Basically it's like drawing a picture on a cake. That is where the edible image frosting sheets are so wonderful. Cake ideas have changed over the last few years with the introduction of these edible image frosting sheets. To think you can make decorated cakes with a thin sheet of frosting that has been run through a printer after generating the image on a computer is awesome! After decorating cakes the traditional, time-consuming way, we were ready to make the transition with eagerness. We researched the possibilities and found all we needed to get started was the necessary printer that would accomodate the frosting sheets. It had to be a new printer of a certain brand and model that had never had regular ink run through it. Then all we had to purchase was the food coloring ink cartridges and the edible image frosting sheets. It was not a bad investment at all for what we could now produce with much less time and effort.

Our 25th Anniversary Cake

This is a sample of what can be done with edible image cakes. This particular one was made for mine and my husband's 25th wedding anniversary. The program allows you to put your own photos on the edible frosting sheet that is designed on the computer and printed off. We will be posting other pictures regularly so you can see the possibilities with this way of decorating. We do know that with the edible image frosting sheets and all the possibilities, you can set to flow freely your cake ideas.

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Cake Ideas – The Traditional Decorations

"Squeezing all those stars example!"


Cake ideas can be a dime a dozen, but when it comes to getting it just right for the occasion, you may have to explore several options for decorating cakes. There is the traditional decorating that uses piped icing to make the design itself and the writing. Before we started doing edible image cakes, we did decorating the hard ways, as we call it. One way was squeezing out those thousands of stars all over the cake till it was completely covered. The other way was that we would get a picture of the design wanted, whether from a printed paper copy or a napkin that would be used for the party. We would tediously draw the design on the cake icing with a toothpick. Then we would load up frosting bags with various colors and accomplish our feat. After decorating in this manner for many years, we started hearing about a new style of decorating cakes with edible image frosting sheets. More of that is in our posting about decorated cakes called "Cake Ideas – Edible Image Decorations."

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