We know there are a lot of people out there who are allergic to wheat flour and the products made from it. Since one of the main ingredients in cake is flour, it stands to reason that many people are not able to enjoy eating cake because of these allergies. After hearing a lady comment that the cake looked so good, but she just could not eat it, we knew there had to be something out there. She asked me if I knew anything about coconut flour. I had to admit I had not even heard about it. So I did some research on the product. Many people who are allergic to wheat have no problem with the coconut flour at all. Granted, it is more expensive, but isn't it worth being able to have a piece of cake now and then instead of not at all? 😉 In our research, we found a company that offers the coconut flour at the most reasonable price when we compared them. This company has many health food related products that we would like to encourage you to check out while you are there that may also assist you in any other areas of your life. There are two ways you can actually find the coconut flour. 1.) Simply click on the coconut flour picture below to go in to the store. There is a blue bar across the top, and in the middle it says to select a product category. Click on the down arrow and select baking products. It will ask you to refine your search further. Click on Gluten Free. At the very top of the list of products you will see item #274-0001. Click on the word Coconut Flour beside it. 2. Or when you are at the blue bar, use the 'search' function at the right and type in the product code of 274-0001and it will be the first product brought up. Just click on the words 'Coconut Flour.' Either way, this will take you to the page where you can read all about the flour and it also gives the nutritional information if you scroll down the page a ways.

Now what good is that coconut flour if you don't have a recipe book to go along with it so you can know how to use it to the best advantage? Well, we have solved that for you too. We did some more research and found you a cookbook!

We hope you will be able to use these products for you or those you love so that those with wheat allergies will be able to "Have their cake and eat it too!"

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