When you plan a party, you are going to face a bunch of work and there is always the potential to miss something if you are not attentive enough. The best way to avoid this problem is to make a detailed party planning checklist. The purpose of such a checklist is to monitor the process of party planning. It helps to check what is to be done, when it needs to be completed and when it is completed. This will definitely help you to better manage your party planning.

The top issue on checklist will likely be budget. This is the most important factor because your budget will determine almost every aspect of the party you are planning to throw.

Once you have hammered out a budget, it is time to think about the party guests. Writing a guest list, composing and sending invitations, keeping track of RSVP responses are all things that you are to take care of. It is appropriate timing when it comes to invitations that you distribute them no later than three weeks before a party and give the invitees two weeks to respond. You can also call those people that have not responded to the RSVP to get a more precise count of those who are planning to attend.

Other aspects of a party planning checklist are the location, as well as related issues. Firstly, you must determine if the party will be held at home or at a remote location. Logistics such as tables, chairs, food, as well as other things must be considered. This will normally entail calling around and finding the best price for the rental of these items if needed. If you are having the party at a remote location, you will also want to confirm the venue a few weeks before the party and again about a week prior to the event. Menu planning is also of vital importance. Buying the food, hiring a caterer, renting the dinnerware, as well as planning the menu are just a few things that you should not forget to add to your list.

As you would expect, there is a host of other issues that you will need your consideration. Will there be party favors and what will they be, for example. If you determine to do party favors, this must be added to your party planning checklist. Music is an important segment of party and is another thing you must consider. You will either need a list of CDs or you can add hiring a DJ to your checklist. These are just a sampling of what will make up a typical checklist; but these examples can help you when you must make a checklist of your own.

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