There are two things women love…Babies and Parties. When you are the hostess of a baby shower planning it is not always fun because you want everything to be perfect for the friend or relative that you are throwing it, for especially since you don’t want to upset a hormonal woman.

There are lots of things to consider when planning the perfect baby shower.

1.The Location- Normally the best place to throw a baby shower is at the home of the expectant mother. That way future mom can show off the babies nursery to the guests. Some mothers wait until the very final minute to put the nursery together so in that instance I would suggest having it at the home of one of the hostesses or at the home of a relative of the mother to be.

2.The Hostesses- Planning a baby shower alone is something that only superwomen can do. Get with a couple of the best friends of the mother to be and see if everyone is willing to split up some of the duties (an of course the cost) to make it a smooth ride for all.

3.The Budget- Make sure you discuss your budget with the guest of honor and the other hostesses. That way you know exactly what should purchase and narrow down the most important items that you can purchase a little more on.

4.The Guest List- The guest list will vary upon the location. Some showers are only for family, some people prefer couples showers and some prefer to invite everyone they know in hopes of getting lots of gifts for their little one.

5.The Theme- The theme can be simple blue for a boy, pink for a girl or yellow if the sex is unknown.

6.The Cake- There are lots of options when it comes to a baby shower cake. You need to determine on the flavor, the size, the theme or decoration and the price you are willing to pay.

7.The Food- Food varies upon the time of the shower. If early in the morning you might want breakfast/brunch mode foods. A lunchtime shower might call for sandwiches, salads or finger foods. An evening shower may call for wine, heavy appetizers or small finger foods.

8.The Invitations- Invitations can be based upon theme as well. Send invitations well in advance for guests to arrange their schedules

9.The Gifts- Normally it is best to buy off the registry so the parents-to-be get exactly what they need but bibs, burp cloths and blankets are always great gifts. I recommend that the hostesses get together and choose one of the large gifts on the Mothers registry such as car seat, stroller, high chair, pack-n-play and buy it.

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